July 4th memories

Friday, July 4, 2014

Enjoyed celebrating and watching fireworks with friends tonight (thanks, Smiths! So fun to hang out with you and your gang!) and I remembered the 4th from two summers ago when I was pregnant and I thought for sure the baby would start kicking upon hearing the fireworks, to no avail. Fast forward to tonight, and here's what Zoe has to say about them:

"Yites!" (lights)
"Gwig one! Gwig one!" (Big one! Big one!)
"Wahw!" (Wow!)
"Boom! Boom!"
"Yaaaaayyyyy!" (with claps about ten times after they were finished)

There was definitely a little sugar consumption fueling that burst of energy near the end of the day, but it is so fun to think back to two years ago and see and hear how much has changed. She is soaking in everything she can learn!

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