world peace

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We spent a couple days with Mark's family in Hocking Hills, exploring lots of beautiful rock formations and overhangs, most involving crossing paths with other families of explorers. Zoe has started to point out whenever she sees a "beebee" (baby), and applies the term liberally from newborns to third graders. In order to not incite the wrath of the younger elementary set who I imagine would prefer *not* to be referred to as "beebees", I started to encourage her to refer to kids we see as "friends". On one such hike, she started waving and saying bye bye to just about anyone and everything we crossed paths with on our way back (people, ferns, millipedes), giving a special "bye-bye, fren" to the people we saw. Today, we stopped by a playground where a whole slew of kids on a field trip were enjoying a lunch break recess. We left after only a few minutes on the swing, and on our way back to the car she would turn around about every five steps, wave, and say "bye bye, fren" to the new friends we were leaving behind. Which, you know, means it takes forever to get to the car, but also gives you a little picture of maybe something related to world peace.
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