Hi, I'm Cat: lover of Jesus, fair trade, colors and you. Also, children and coffee. I write things, I like to try my hand at gardening, I connect people, I think a lot. Occasionally I DIY. I started this blog because I tend to write lengthy posts on facebook which led to several friends recommending I start a I did, quietly. I am trying to let go of the chip on my shoulder about how California is *not* Michigan after moving here in 2012 (I know...suffering here in So Cal - woe is me, right?). When we moved I was 2 months from welcoming our first baby (a girl), I left a job I loved, my husband started a new job, and we said goodbye to family and friends and moved to a place where we knew almost no one. Because going through 5 million major life changes at once while also trying to find new friends is a great idea. I wouldn't recommend it, but God has been faithful. He also gave us a very extroverted baby, which helped. On here, you'll find my "cathartic blend" of posts about things like refurbishing wooden benches or creating calendars with fabric scraps, life as a mom, letters to my kids, and layperson's theology. Until we can grab coffee in person, grab a cuppa, sit, read, enjoy, and tell me more about yourself. 

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