Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I am in the bathroom when I hear her get up from her nap. I don't open the door right away because, well, 30 more seconds of alone time will be just enough to help me prepare for the rest of the day. I am hiding. but pretty soon she starts to produce whimpering sounds, so I relent, opening the door and calling her name.

"Mommy", she says, pointing toward our room, "I look in der, find mama."
"Oh, were you looking in there for mama?"
"But you didn't find her?"
"I'm sorry, babe, I was in here. Did that worry you that you couldn't find me?"
"Is scary, mama."

And you feel that momentary pang of guilt mixed in with reassuring yourself that she was perfectly fine and that 30 second breaks are ok.

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